Lacamas Community Members,

Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, has asked all restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreation facilities to close until March 31, 2020, to slow the transmission of COVID-19. Lacamas will follow this order in an effort to help protect our community. I am very sorry for the disruption, but it will be worth it if it only saves one life, and it could potentially save many.

We're still dedicated to helping everyone stay fit and we will be hosting some remote workouts via Facebook. Stay tuned for more information on how we intend to help you all stay fit! Our office is reachable by phone Mon-Fri 10am - 2pm and we are reachable by email

Now Introducing REMOTE WORKOUTS by the Lacamas Fitness Team!

Hello Valued Members!

As many of you know, in compliance with a recommendation from Washington State Governor Inslee, we have had to implement a temporary closure in order to help stop the spread of the Corona virus. However, Lacamas Athletic Club remains dedicated to helping everyone keep up their fitness! In order to help everyone with that, we focus on 4 key concepts:

-Accountability -

- Motivation -

- Knowledge -

- Safety -

As such, we will be offering several different remote services throughout the day, every day that we are closed!

We'll start off the day at our normal time, by posting a home workout routine, accompanied by explanation videos to our Facebook Page at 5:00am. These posts will begin on Wednesday, March 18, and continue until we are able to re-open our doors. Check out our Facebook Page HERE.

After that, we'll be hosting live video workouts on our Facebook page, available to EVERYONE! The schedules for our live classes are below, and the videos of our live classes will still be available after they ended, so you can use these workouts anytime!

We will send links to the live workouts 5 minutes before they begin, or you can find them on our website HERE. We will also send links to the days previous workouts at the start of each day (For example, we will send videos of all Thursday Workouts on Friday Morning at 9am). If you need any further assistance to access these workouts, feel free to respond to this email.

Finally, our trainers will be offering discounted remote sessions in order to help you make a highly individualized plan. Get in touch with our training staff by contacting our Fitness Director at

Bonus Programs - Coming Soon!

We will continue to do everything in our power to help everyone stay fit while staying safe! Scheduled workouts and post will help everyone stay ACCOUNTABLE, live workouts professionally crafted by our fitness team will help everyone stay MOTIVATED. Video assistance for all of our workouts as well as remote sessions with our Trainers will give everyone the KNOWLEDGE they need to work out SAFELY. And by making it through this temporary closure together, we will minimize the spread and keep everyone SAFE.

But we'll still be releasing more in the coming days to continue to promote fitness and Real Health!

Stay Tuned for:

Spring Cleaning

Live Workshops

Fitness Tips

And more!

Hoping to see you all soon, safe, and healthy!

From the Team at Lacamas

Find all of our video workouts here!

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Friendliness 100%
Cleanliness 100%
Programs to motivate you to do your best 100%
Equipment you need to get a great workout 100%
Knowledgeable Staff 100%