Lacamas HeadHunters Swim Team

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  It is our goal to provide each swimmer with a consistent swim program that will help them become a lifelong swimmer.  Swimming is not focused on one meet or one time goal; we believe that doing the right things all the time is better than over-focusing on one meet or time standard.  We coach every swimmer; whether the athlete is in lane 1 or lane 8, they should expect the same time and attention from our coaching staff.  Swimmers are to do all of their training with our coaching staff; we do not allow swimmers to work with coaches outside of our staff, including parents.  If you want to coach your swimmer, please choose another team.  It is ok for swimmers to swim with another team when they are out of town on vacation.  Let our staff know if you need help finding a team in this case.  Parents, please watch practice from the bleachers and do not speak to the coaches or the swimmers during practice.  At swim meets, cheer for your swimmer and leave the coaching to the coaches.

Swimmer must tryout to join the team; come to the practice time for your swimmer’s age group to tryout:

Practices/Tryouts:  Swimmers are to arrive on the deck 5 minutes before they are scheduled to get in the water; this time is to be used for pre-swim stretching, socializing, using the restroom, getting equipment ready, etc.  It is expected that every swimmers is ready to go for the warm-up send off.

Team Website: for practice & meet schedules, etc:

Bring proper equipment– Team Swim Cap, goggles, fins, kickboard, buoy and mesh equipment bag for all swimmers, plus a swim snorkel for swimmers 11& older.  Swimmers in Junior A, Senior A, & Senior B are also required to have paddles, and a parachute or dragsox. Between Swim Outlet, Swim 2000 http://www.Swim, and the front desk, you can find the equipment your swimmer needs.  Boys need a suit for practice and a fitted racing suit for all swim meets.  Girls need a one piece suit for practices and another tight fitting one-piece suit for all swim meets.  At meets, swimmers can only wear suits that are Black, Green, or Black & Green.  It is best not to wear the same suit for practice and meets, because swimming in a racing suit at practice makes it fit too loose for effective competition. Purchase your team neon green swim cap when you register at the front desk. REQUIRED FOR ALL SWIM MEETS!!!

Swim Meet Information: The Meet Schedule is posted online before each swim season. This schedule can be viewed on the website at  A meet sign up email will be sent to each family before the sign up deadline for each meet.  Parents are responsible for replying to this email by the deadline on Sign Up Genius.  The coach will then enter the swimmer into events and subtract meet fee charges from the meet fee account.

Communication for the team: Communication is all online or via email:   Feel free to email your coaches if you have questions, concerns or a great idea:


Adult Swim Team (Masters)

Masters Team 2013       Terrance Swimming300x300   swimGvac-1-150x150                  

Click below for a free trial


We encourage all adult swimmers… all ages, all levels…to join our HeadHunter Masters team. Our motto is “Fitness, Friends & FUN!” The coaching fee pays for you to attend any or all of the practices. (Most swimmers on our team average 3/week.)

Try the first practice for free! After that, the drop in fee for a single practice is $8 for club members & $18 for non-members. Want to swim regularly?  Join our team today!

Adult Masters Swim Team Practice Schedule (Age 18+)
T/Th 5:15-6:15am
M/W/F 10-11am
T/Th 7:45-8:30pm
Sat 7-8am

Questions? Email the coaches at

Kealy & Angela

Private Lessons

Please note:  Due to Covid-19, all swimmers will need to come dressed to swim, and bring a towel & a pool noodle.  If level 3 or higher, they will also need a kickboard and fitted swim fins. We have all of these available for purchase at the front desk.

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One Private Lesson

Four Private Lessons

Twelve Private Lessons

One Semi-Private Lesson 

Four Semi-Private Lessons 

Twelve Semi-Private Lessons

Learning to swim is FUN

Why do I need private lessons?

Private lessons are great for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of them…

Get extra help with a specific skill or fear you are having trouble with

Advance your swim skills more quickly

Have more flexibility in scheduling your lessons

Get one-on-one time with a certified swim instructor or USA Swim Coach

***All sessions expire 180 days from date of purchase***

Group Swim Lessons


$129 (+tax) per session


In general the age requirements are 1-5yrs for Level 1 Parent/Child classes, 3&up for Levels 1, 2 & 3, and 5yrs & up for youth Swim Clinics 4-6. Swimmers 13 & older may register for our Adult Swim Clinic if they prefer. Register your swimmer for a class for their age. Do not put a 7 year old in a class designated for 8&up. The registration will be cancelled and you may lose the lesson credit.


4 days per week for 2 weeks: M-Th (8 lessons)

Start Dates Summer 2021

M-Th 30 min lessons (2 weeks): TBA


Levels 2 & up are 1 hour per week for 4 weeks (4 classes)

Session Dates Winter / Spring 2021

Session #1: Jan 9, 16, 23, 30  Session #2: Feb 6*, 13, 20, 27 Session #3 March 6, 13, 20, 27  

Session #4: April 3*, 10, 17, 24,  Session #5: May 1, 8, 15, 22  Session #6: June 5*, 12, 19, 26

*Level 1 start date. Level 1 is offered 30 minutes/week for 8 weeks.


LEVELS 1-3, & SC 4-5: T/Th or M/W for 4 weeks (8 lessons)

Pre Swim Team (SC 6) is M/T/W/Th for 2 weeks (8 lessons)

Level 1-3 lessons held in our indoor recreation pool, heated to 87 degrees

Level 4-5 clinics held in our indoor lap pool, heated to 83 degrees

Level 6 clinic (9&up) is held in our outdoor lap pool, heated to 80 degrees; Level 6 (8&under) is held in the indoor lap pool Fall/Winter/Spring & in the outdoor pool in the summer



Levels 1-6: January 4/5, February 1/2, March 1/2, March 29/30 (skips spring break), April 26/27, May 24/25

We have Spring Break Swim Camps! M-Th 55 minutes a day for 1 week: April 5-8




Each swim family is allowed one adult spectator in the lobby (masks required), but others may watch from the front patio. Swimmers must arrive in their swim attire.




Lessons are only listed on the session starts dates.

Filter by level and then pick the start date





*In the registration form, fill out the swimmers information.*

*If you have multiple swimmers. please fill out a waiver for each swimmer.*

*This step only needs to be done 1 time. If you have done this in the past, call the club to register for classes*


Also Available

Swim Team:  Our youth swim team is for qualifying swimmers age 6-18 years (Swimmer must try out for swim team; swimmer will be asked to demonstrate front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly plus flip turns and dives.) For more information on our USA competitive team, see a Membership Specialist in the club.

Co-Op Swim Team:  This group is for swim team members who live outside of the Camas area, have been displaced by their current pool due to Covid-19, and want to swim at Lacamas temporarily until their home pool re-opens. Call the club to register.  Space is limited; swimmers register every two weeks.

Adult Swim Clinic 1 and 2:  In this entry level class, students who can hold their breath under water will learn to swim front crawl (freestyle) and backstroke in about 8 weeks of instruction. (2 sessions)  (Goggles and fins required.)

Adult Swim Clinic 3:  After completing Adult Swim Clinics 1 & 2, students who want to continue to work on endurance, speed, and efficiency as well as use swimming as a fitness program can sign up for Swim Clinic 3. Open water swim training, including drafting, wet suits, etc. is introduced as well.  (Goggles and fins required.)

Adult Swim Clinic 4: (Masters 101) A continuation of 3, plus Breaststroke, Butterfly, Flip turns and dive starts are also introduced in this class. Prerequisite: completion of Adult Swim Clinic 3 or instructor approval.  (Goggles and fins required.)

Triathlon Swim Skills: This class is designed specifically to help the swimmer swim fast, efficient, confident freestyle in open water. Sighting and drafting are just two of many skills taught.

Masters: This is our adult swim team. All swimmers, ages 19 and up, are encouraged to join. For more information, see a Membership Specialist in the club.