Group Fitness Calendar

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Class Descriptions:

Aqua Workout

(55 minutes) A low impact class set to music that uses water resistance to achieve cardiovascular benefits and muscular conditioning. This class is especially great for members with special health concerns such as arthritis, injury recovery, etc.  Held in the 3 lane lap pool.

Bike Blast

(45 minutes) This is a full body interval class held in our spin room. You will use the spin bikes and various equipment such as barbells and bosu balls. You will perform 1 minute bike intervals followed by 1 minute strength/body weight intervals. This is a high intensity class but is great for any fitness level. Because we use time intervals, you can go at your own pace!


(45 minutes) Challenging group fitness class involving full body using barbells and body weight movements.

Boot Camp Intervals

(45 minutes) Fun, fast-paced Body Weight exercises combined with high intensity Cardio in timed intervals.

Confident Driving

Driver’s education.  Workout while your kids learn to drive!  For information call Sheri, 833-2200.

Dance Mixx

(55 minutes) Torch fat, sculpt lean muscle and crush calories with this high intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength training. Fresh pulse-pounding music and body-blasting moves bring the intensity to transform your body, boost your mood and ignite your energy.

Cardio Express

(30 minutes) Cut to the chase with a 30 minute blast of dance-based cardio plus strength training. Rev it up and rock it out in half the time.

Family/Lap Swim

During Family/Lap a lifeguard is on duty so that families and lap swimmers can enjoy the pools at the same time.  For the indoor pools, members 8 yrs+, may swim without a parent during this time. For the Outdoor (GVAC) pool, members 12+, who can pass the swim test, may swim without a parent.  (See pool schedule.)

Family Time

These are the only times available for families (w/kids under 14 yrs) to work out together in the weight and cardio room.

LAC Attack Team Training

(EXTRA FEE) (45 Minutes) Team Training offers fun and energizing workouts in a group setting. Our personal trainers provide instruction, motivation, and modifications for all fitness levels. Sessions are a variety of formats to keep you motivated as you pursue your fitness goals.


Muscular Strength & Range of Movement (MSROM) (45 minutes) Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

Silver&Fit® Level 1

(30 Minutes) A social and upbeat group exercise class that is a great place to start for the active older adult. Functional strength training and cardio exercises are alternated for a fun filled and effective workout that improves core strength and stability. Dumbbells, resistance bands and chairs can all be used.

Silver&Fit ®Level 2

(45 minutes) A social and upbeat group exercise class that is designed for moderately active older adults. Class alternates cardio exercises with total body muscle strengthening exercises using bands and dumbbells. Class is specifically designed to improve agility and core strength.

Silver Rhythm

(45 minutes) A social and upbeat group exercise class that is designed for active older adults. Class COMBINES cardio exercises with total body muscle strengthening exercises in time to the music. Class is specifically designed to improve agility, balance, flexibility, and core strength.  Resistance bands, dumbbells, balls & stretching bars can all be used.


(45 minutes) Cycling cardio conditioning class for all levels of participants; focus is on cycling.

Stretch & Breathe

(30 minutes) Flexibility, breathing and balance are the focus of this non-impact class.

Strike (Kickbox)

(55 minutes) Strike hits cardio and muscles hard for maximum impact. Jab and kick your way through sweaty, pumping music mixes that end with a muscle blast. Knock out fat and stress and release your endorphins. Calories don’t stand a chance.


(60-90 minutes) Advanced class in which participants spin on their own bikes on spin trainers.   Shift gears and go hard or go home!  (Focus is on cycling.)


(45 minutes) Movement class emphasizes core body strength & flexibility training.  A great way to prevent injuries & improve performance.


(45 minutes)  Fun-filled, easy to follow Latin dance program that includes Meringue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango & Rock.  “Ditch the workout and join the party!”

Zumba Express®

(30 minutes) Entry level class that is a fun-filled, easy to follow Latin dance program that includes Meringue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango & Rock.  “Ditch the workout and join the party!”