Kid’s Club (Supervised Play)

Lacamas Athletic Club is pleased to provide “Kid’s Club,” a supervised play area. The Kid’s Club is equipped and staffed to provide children, under 8 years old, with a fun, enriching, safe environment while their parents enjoy the club facilities and programs.

If your child is a club member, Kid’s Club is included at no additional cost.

Hours of Operation

Monday/Wednesday 9-11:30 am, 4:10-6:20 pm

Friday 9-11:30 am, 4:10-6:10 pm

Tuesday/Thursday 9-11:00 am, 5:10-8:05 pm

Saturday 7:55-11:00 am

***Hours may be adjusted for holidays, etc.***

(If there are no group fitness classes that day, Kid’s Club is closed.)

Membership in Kid’s Club

Day passes or monthly memberships are available for kids who are not on a club membership. They are paid by EFT and they automatically renew. Membership includes up to an 90 minute visit per day for children over 1 year and up to a 65 minute visit per day for infants under 1 year for each day the Kid’s Club is open. A fee of $1 per 5 minutes will be charged once the prepaid visit time has elapsed or the Kid’s Club Hours have ended. A non-continuous second visit of up to 90 or 65 minutes (age dependent) per day can be added for $8/visit. (A 30 day notice must be given to terminate a Kid’s Club membership.)

Parent is a Member/Child is not (3 month-7 years)
$20 per child/month or $5/visit

Non-Member Parent & Child (3 month-7 years)
$40 per child/month or $8/visit

Extra Activities
Kid’s Fit is provided occasionally on busy mornings at about 10am. It is held in the Gymnasium or outdoor area and includes fun activities such as soccer, basketball, scooters, Hula-Hoops, etc. for children over 36 months old. Exact day and time is dependent on staffing, number of eligible kids in Kid’s Club, and Gym availability.
Arts & Crafts are provided in the afternoon between 5-6pm. Projects include coloring, paper projects, painting, card making, and holiday-themed projects.

Kid’s Club General Policies
The parent/guardian must be on the club premises while the child is in Kid’s Club.
For security, children can only be picked up by a person pictured on the child’s registration.
Only signed in kids and staff are permitted in the play area.
Kid’s Club staff does not change diapers or assist children with sanitary issues. Parents will be contacted if needed. There is a changing table for parents to use.
Gum, snacks, etc are not allowed in Kid’s Club. Infants can be sent with a bottle.
If a child is upset and can not be calmed within 10 minutes, the parent will be asked to remove the child.
Shoes are required.
Kids who are sick or have any communicable condition are not allowed in Kid’s Club.