Why Should I Use a Personal Trainer?

1) Safety – A trainer knows how exercises should be executed safely and with correct form. They know what to watch for and how to give cues to help you avoid unsafe technique. They also know how much weight you should (or should not) lift for resistance exercises and what exercises to give you should you already have pre-existing injuries. A trainers goal is for you to get results, not get injured.

2) Planning – A trainer will write a fitness plan specific to your needs, goals, abilities, history, etc. They know where you should begin, how to build a strong foundation to prepare you for more demanding exercises, what to correct, what to emphasize, when to push forward and when to let you rest. Your trainer will also keep track of where you are along your journey by having you performing physical assessments and keeping record of your improvements.

3) Motivation – Finally, a trainer is there to motivate; to be your accountability partner. A good trainer knows when to push you past where you think you can go, yet when to back down to prevent injury. A trainers job – and passion – is for you to meet your goals. Goals are easy to dream about and even write down, but often difficult to accomplish. Trainers are there to push you through the difficulties and to help you find your potential.


A trainer will design a personalized fitness plan for you to follow. We feel it is our responsibility to base our recommendations on sound scientific principles and provide you with a personalized program that is both safe and effective. In addition, we will review your progress and level of satisfaction, and then make appropriate adjustments to keep you headed in the right direction.

Meet one-on-one with a certified trainer who will design a personalized fitness plan for you to follow! Call us to set up an Orientation to find out more! (360) 834-8506