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Class Descriptions:

Aqua Workout-Tone and sculpt your body without impacting your joints. Bring (or purchase at the front desk) a noodle and a P2K to work with to deliver an awesome cardio and resistance workout. Dive in and experience it for yourself!
Barre– This class is an incredible full body, yet low impact activation. Barre uses a traditional barre format, but with an emphasis on a smart, exercise science based approach. Using key concepts and movements from.
Bike Blast– This is a unique indoor cycling class based on spin combined with resistance training. This class uses endurance spinning rounds combined with resistance, core, and body weight exercises to provide an absolutely awesome full body cardio and strength HIIT workout.
Mind/Body: Gentle Hatha Yoga– This is a traditional Hatha yoga class infused with elements of Yin, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga. This class is a more mindfully paced class, focusing on full body flexibility, joint release, breath and mobility.
Triathlon Swim Workout– Freestyle drills, as well as planned freestyle intervals will challenge and inspire all levels of triathletes. Bring, or purchase at the front desk, a Pull/Kick and fins. Improve your ability to draft & navigate as well as swim farther faster!
Bike Ride– If the pavement is dry, let’s ride!  Bring your bike, helmet & water, be prepared to change a flat, and lights are encouraged. We will break the group up into smaller groups if needed.
KICKR– Indoor cycling at its best! We hold this class fall-spring when the weather is not ideal to ride outside. Bring a standard axel bike to put on a specialized trainer for a fun, challenging, effective workout.
Running/Walking Groups– Meet in the lobby (or specified location) to run with your friends. We have speed workouts, hill repeats, distance, and Coffee days. Sign up for an event and get training!
Silver Strength & Cardio– Designed with our Senior members in mind, this class combines resistance training with a light cardio workout. A chair is provided for both support and balance in this beginning to intermediate class. Please bring (or purchase at the front desk) a ball, light hand weights, resistance tubing, and water to class.
Dance Rhythm-This class combines resistance training with a full cardio workout, set to music for 45 minutes. Please bring (or purchase at the front desk) a ball, light hand weights, resistance tubing, and water to this intermediate to advanced class specifically for those 50 and up. Be prepared to be on your feet moving for the entire class!
Step Core and More – This is a total body workout stimulating cardiovascular fitness through classic step, strength and core exercises.
Kickboxing Core – This is an intensely challenging class centered around Thai kickboxing, body weight moves, and an emphasis on not only core training, but full body training as well.
Yoga Sculpt– This is a flow based class utilizing Vinyasa yoga concepts, and some Ashtanga yoga. Vinyasa Yoga Sculpt works the entire body in a low impact, yet meaningful way.