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Class Descriptions:

Barre Body Flow- This class is an incredible full body, yet low impact activation. Barre Body Flow uses a traditional barre format, but with an emphasis on a smart, exercise science based approach. Using key concepts and movements from.
Mindful Movability- Mindful Movability is a holistic full body workout that provides an intense challenge, but in an intelligently structured way. Mindful Movability uses the best fundamental movements and postures from: Pilates, yoga, resistance and mobility training.
Kickboxing Core – This is an intensely challenging class centered around Thai kickboxing, body weight moves, and an emphasis on not only core training, but full body training as well.
Spin Strong- This is a unique indoor cycling class based on spin combined with resistance training. This class uses endurance spinning rounds combined with resistance, core, and body weight exercises to provide an absolutely awesome full body cardio and strength HIIT workout.
Gentle Hatha Yoga- This is a traditional Hatha yoga class infused with elements of Yin, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga. This class is a more mindfully paced class, focusing on full body flexibility, joint release, breath and mobility.
Vinyasa Yoga Sculpt- This is a flow based class utilizing Vinyasa yoga concepts, and some Ashtanga yoga. Vinyasa Yoga Sculpt works the entire body in a low impact, yet meaningful way.
Step Core and More – This is a total body workout stimulating cardiovascular fitness through classic step, strength and core exercises.
LAC Back to Basics- This class is a straight forward weight lifting class focusing on form, progression and measurable results. Power training formats used will include: drop sets, super sets, pyramids, ladders and many more tried and true power lifting modalities.
LAC Blast Strong- Blast Strong is an endurance strength interval class focusing on full body overall strength and conditioning using several specific modalities. Expect longer intervals interspersed with fast HIIT intervals to keep things interesting.
LAC Build Lower Body/Core- This class will focus primarily on lower body power lifting, HIIT intervals and core conditioning.
LAC Build Upper Body/Core- This class will focus primarily on upper body power lifting, HIIT intervals and core conditioning.
LAC Metabolic HIIT- This class is an efficient way to activate the whole body while working with the energy systems (metabolism).
LAC HIIT Intervals- This class is an awesome HIIT based class. Expect creative and challenging intervals using various equipment.